ShanGRILLa Foods Inc.

Owner(s):  Lee el hage
Moncton, NB

vendor since : 1995
location within the market:  Food Court

Lee started shanGRILLa Foods Inc at the Moncton Market in 1995, after borrowing $600 from his mom to buy two bbq’s and build a homemade trailer. He started serving his famous homemade beef donairs and chicken souvlaki wraps on Saturday mornings, then in 2000 he was able to build his first professional food truck. In 2005 he began his booth inside the Market,being one of the first vendors to be able to open during the week in the Food Court area. After a few years, business grew and so did his booth, which allowed for a larger menu including homemade pizzas , stir fry, salads , greek feasts , garlic cheese fingers, oven subs , breakfast western wraps, etc.  ShanGRILLa are also known for their homemade flat breads in different flavours (white , whole-wheat , flaxseed, 12 grain, oregano, roasted garlic and chives, tomato basil , 3 cheese and honey oat), which became so popular that they are now sold at all Atlantic Superstores.